When should you repipe your house?

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How do I know when it’s time to repipe a house?

Repiping services aren’t something that every homeowner thinks about. In fact, ask a homeowner about having repiping services done and they’ll probably ask you, “What is house repiping?” Repiping is just what it sounds like: Repiping the entire plumbing system in a house. This can involve demolition and reconstruction of walls and flooring, removing old plumbing, and installing new plumbing. 

Can I repipe my own house?

When it comes to home repairs, plumbing can be one of the most challenging one that is best when you have it handled by a professional plumber, especially when it comes to repiping services. Seven ways to know you need repiping services are: 


Water that doesn’t smell or taste good could be because of deteriorating pipes. 


Banging and clanging sounds coming from the pipes are usually from aging or air in the line. Either way, a professional plumber should assess the issue and determine if repiping services would get rid of the noise. 


If the water temperature changing is a problem, it may be the water heater or it may be the pipes. A professional plumber can inspect your home’s plumbing, starting with the water heater, and advise you accordingly if repiping services are needed.


You won’t need a plumber to check this issue; simply check the plumbing throughout your home, and if you’re seeing a lot of corroded pipes, repiping services may be a good idea. 


Pipes begin leaking for several reasons, and if the leak is localized, then it is probably an issue in that one area. If you’re experience leaking pipes throughout the house, along with the water smelling and tasting bad, you need to look into repiping services. 


The water coming out of the faucets and spigots around your home should not be colored. If you’re getting brownish, reddish water more than you are clear water, you need repiping services. 


Is the water pressure at the faucets or in the shower fluctuating or consistently weak? Repiping services can be the solution. 

How often should a house be repiped?

Repiping services are necessarily needed on a schedule, like changing your HVAC filter or cleaning the gutters. Today, any home that is older than 50 years could probably use repiping services, but if there aren’t any issues like those we listed above, don’t go to the expense unless you just want to be proactive.

Does repiping a house add value? 

You may be wondering “Is it worth it to repipe a house?” If you are selling a “fixer-upper”, absolutely – repiping service will add value to any house you may be selling. Potential buyers like knowing that plenty of possible plumbing issues have been addressed and corrected. If selling your home isn’t in the foreseeable future, repiping services are still worthwhile for your own enjoyment and health benefits. 

How long does it take to repipe a whole house?

Complete repiping services can take just a few days and as long as a week. A smaller home can typically be repiped in two days with a larger home taking upwards of seven days or even more. The more bathrooms and other water-connected areas, the longer repiping service can take. 

However, there is usually no reason to worry about being without water the entire time or there being a need to relocate during the process. Most repiping services are done with the new plumbing being built and installed alongside the existing piping. Once the new piping is completely installed and ready, the water will be turned off to change it over and then turned back on. 

How difficult is it to repipe a house?

Repiping service for an entire house is a laborious project and will be a costly undertaking. While the details seem straightforward, the actual work is labor-intensive and time-consuming. It should be done by a certified, licensed, and insured professional plumber. 

Where can I get a house repiping estimate?

Check with two to three different professional plumbers for estimates. You want a plumber that has the experience and a reputation for excellence with repiping services. They should be certified, licensed, and insured. Ask for a copy of their insurance for your records and recent references for repiping services completed in your area. Do the follow-up work of checking those references. 

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In Closing

Repiping services aren’t always necessary for every home. Again, review our list of when to know repiping may be needed and if you’re not having any of those issues, save your money. If you still aren’t sure that repiping services are needed or not, have your home inspected by a professional plumber that offers repiping services. 

If you decide to have repiping services completed, go ahead with other plumbing upgrades you’ve been considering, too, such as a new dishwasher, washing machine, showerheads, and faucets. If you’re going to have all new pipes, then the water outlets should be new too so you’re getting the full benefit. Meanwhile, if you have any other questions or you’re ready to schedule repiping yourself, you can reach out to the Plumbers 4 Real team by calling 404-475-3009.