What is a Plumbing Inspection?

A plumber fixes the plumbing issues under a sink.

How Much Does It Cost for a Plumbing Inspection?

Plumbing inspections provide safety and efficiency for the household. For homeowners who are purchasing a home, selling a home, or refinancing a mortgage, assessing the current plumbing situation provides important introspection into the inner workings of the home. An example of the cost of a visual inspection is approximately $300.00. However, the overall cost of a plumbing inspection may vary depending on the size of the home. Some plumbing inspector costs charge an average of $165. Bundled with other home inspection costs, the overall charge can be $250-$500.

What Can I Expect from a Plumbing Inspection?

A plumbing inspection performs an important service for the health of a home. A professional plumbing inspection will check the various water systems in your home, including the plumbing lines that are featured inside and outside. A home plumbing inspection may cover an inspection of the homeowner’s water filtration systems, fixtures, supply lines and drains. Sinks, bathtubs, and toilets may also be inspected and subjected to testing. In many cases, a plumber will perform a plumbing video camera inspection, which will reveal underground sanitary drains and sewer pipes. This video footage displays whether or not the homeowner should be concerned about cracks and misalignments in sewer pipes.

How Often Should Plumbing be Inspected?

Most professional plumbers tend to agree that when living in an older home, the plumbing should be checked approximately once every two years. There are instances where a plumbing system should be checked with heightened frequency, such as when properties have a plethora of large trees surrounding the house on all sides. Root systems have a terrible habit of finding and locating faulty pipelines. Roots have a propensity to wind around pipe systems and force their way inside. This causes water loss, loss of water integrity, and high water bills. If homeowners are moving into a new home, a plumbing inspection is also recommended, as a professional opinion will assist for future endeavors.

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How Do You Know if Your Plumbing is Bad?

There are many reasons why a plumbing inspection would serve a household well. Here are a few reasons why a plumbing inspection provides benefits.

  • A dripping faucet.
  • A slow or clogged drain.
  • Low water pressure.
  • A running toilet.
  • Stains and smells.

A functional plumbing system of a home provides incredible assets for homeowners. If there are problems occurring with your plumbing, water damage can arise, as well as high water bills.

Two plumbing fixtures leak water in a bathroom.

Why Do You Need a Plumber?

If you have ever rented or owned a home, you probably know how important it is for toilets to flush, sinks to drain, and laundry to wash. If you notice odd sounds coming from your faucets, low water pressure, or unpleasant smells coming from your drains, these are all signs that you should call a plumber. Other symptoms of bad plumbing include sluggish drains and signs that water is pooling in your backyard. If you are experiencing any of these red flags, consult with a local, trusted plumbing contractor.

Plumbing Inspection for Insurance

If you have recently experienced a plumbing emergency in your home, it will be important to determine if the damage is covered by your insurance provider. In some cases, homeowners insurance provides welcome coverage for water damage emergencies. It is important to note that if a pipe or water emergency has occurred, it may not be covered, based upon what caused the problem in the first place. A plumbing inspection will yield answers with regard to what caused the water problem, and what, if any, coverage can be offered to cover the cost of the remedy.

Plumbing Inspection in a House

If you are in the market to purchase a home, there are a number of important considerations to factor into your final decision. One of these factors includes the plumbing situation in your potential new home. Before you finalize the purchase of your dream home, locate a qualified plumber to perform an inspection of the plumbing situation. Three main areas of interest include the main sewer line, the state of the water heater, and the condition of the toilets. Each of these fixtures provides valuable utility for the home, and when any of these systems fall into disrepair, it can impact the value of the home dramatically.

Plumbing Inspection Cost

Important and potentially costly inspection plumbers perform is called a camera inspection. If the owners of a property are experiencing serious issues with their plumbing (that can’t be discerned with the naked eye) plumbers have tools to assist. Camera inspections use a diagnostic camera to explore the sewer system under the house. A camera attached to a plumbing snake is wound through plumbing lines to locate the blockage or problem. The camera footage is used to alert clients as to whether or not they will need extensive repairs. Many plumbing problems can’t be seen visually from the house, thus it is optimal to use a plumbing camera to diagnose what may be occurring and how to fix it.

Plumbing and Inspection

Water heaters heat water for baths, showers, and dishes. In some cases, a plumbing inspection of a homeowner’s water heater can save lives. A water heater can be dangerous if it is not properly installed by a professional plumber. In one case, a handyman accidentally removed the water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve, which could have caused an explosion. Fortunately, plumbing inspectors are trained to catch these kinds of errors. For this reason and many more, it is important for property owners to schedule a plumbing inspection on a routine basis. The safety and health of the home are important.

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