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Some homeowners go through life without ever knowing what a sump pump is. For others however, they provide an invaluable source of protection from flooding dangers. Sump pumps are hard-working machines, but they suffer from malfunctions and other challenges just like any other part of your plumbing system.

At Plumbers 4 Real, we provide cost-effective services for restoring your sump pump. Whether you need to install a backup, find a replacement model, or find your very first pump, we’re happy to help! To learn more, give our team a call at 404-475-3009 and ask about our Marietta, GA sump pump repair.

Sump Pump Repair Service

The first step to repairing a damaged sump pump is understanding the cause. When you contact our friendly plumbers at Plumbers 4 Real for repairs, we’ll start by carefully assessing your pump system and identifying key areas for repairs. Afterwards, your personal plumbing professional will explain their findings and provide you with your best options.

We want to make sure that your system is working for the long haul. After all, we wouldn’t want your sump pump to burn out in the middle of the next storm. That’s why it’s important to our plumbers that we understand the cause of the malfunction and prevent future break downs from occurring.

Sump Pump System Problems

So what causes a sump pump to fail? While age will certainly take a toll on the functionality of your pump, there are a few other scenarios that homeowners encounter. Understanding these common problems could save you hundreds of dollars during a particularly aggressive thunderstorm. Check out these situations below! If you have questions afterwards, our team at Plumbers 4 Real would be happy to answer them. Give us a call at 404-475-3009 today.

Power Loss

Sump Pump Not Working

Out of all the malfunctions your sump pump may experience over the years, power loss is the most dangerous. If your sump pump can't activate, you could be left frantically searching for another way to hold back the rising water. Burnt out motors and faulty float switches are two frequent causes of power loss.

There’s also a chance that debris from the basement (or garage) floor is preventing your pump from activating. A clogged perimeter drain won’t effectively direct water towards your sump pit until the water level is already too high. Outages in the local power grid can also prevent your pump from turning on until electricity is restored. That’s one reason why having a second model with an alternative power supply is a prudent investment. A water powered pump is a great choice for a backup, as it doesn’t require electricity to function.

Over Active Pump

Sump Pump Constantly Running

The float switch is usually to blame for a pump that refuses to turn off. The float switch rises as the sump pit collects water. Once the water rises to a sufficient height, the switch activates the pump. After the water is removed from the pit, the switch is supposed to descend and deactivate the pump. However, there are a few issues that can prevent this.

  • Shaking that causes the pump to move too far
  • Fragments in the water jamming the switch
  • The switch getting hooked on something

Any of these can disrupt your float switch from operating properly. There’s also a chance that the check valve has broken, releasing water back into the sump pit. This is particularly likely if your pump keeps turning off and on.

There are a couple more complicated problems that could cause constant running. If your home is situated too close to the underground water table, you may notice that your pump runs way more often than it should. Talk with a plumbing professional about examining the system to find out!

Pump Burnout

Sump Pump Running Out of Energy

You can’t afford to have your sump pump running out of juice in the middle of a rainstorm, but that’s exactly what happens to many homeowners. Constant running, whether there’s a mechanical fault or not, will burn out your pump’s motor. The process is even faster if your pump is elevated above the sump pit, meaning there’s no water to cool it down.

While there’s always the possibility that your electric pump has tripped the circuit breaker, there are other ways for a pump to abruptly shut down. Power loss is one of the frequent causes of pump failure during thunderstorms, which is why having a battery powered backup is so important.

Sump Pump Replacement

Examining an Older Sump Pump for Repairs

Is it Time to Replace That Old Sump Pump, or Do You Need a Backup Pump for Stormy Days?

The time may come when old age or mechanical malfunction makes repairs impractical. When that happens, our plumbers at Plumbers 4 Real can assist you with finding a replacement pump that meets your functional needs and budget requirements. Our skilled professionals would be thrilled to answer questions and guide your search.

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