Slab Leak Repair

Digging Through the Ground Next to Concrete

There are Several Ways to Access (or Bypass) the Damaged Piping Beneath the Slab.

Help! There’s water coming up through the concrete floor!” That’s a call we hear all too often at Plumbers 4 Real, and our plumbers understand how scary that situation can be. Water seeping through the foundation slab is commonly referred to as a slab leak. The problem typically goes unnoticed for weeks, even months before the first major symptoms pop up.

When you do discover signs of a problem, contact our friendly plumbers! They’ll get to the bottom of the problem, identify the source of the moisture, then provide you with a short list of your best repair options. Ready to get started? Call the team at 404-475-3009 and ask for your slab leak repair in Marietta, GA or any nearby city.

Danger of a Foundation Water Leak

So what’s the big deal about a little water leak under the slab? First of all, there’s no guarantee that the seemingly minor leak will stay small. Second, even a small leak can mean big problems in the long run. As water permeates the ground surrounding the underground pipe, it also seeps into little cracks in the concrete slab. The moisture slowly erodes the cracks and makes them considerably worse.

Given enough time, a slab leak will start to pool on the surface. The results could simple mud patches by the wall, or wet and moldy carpet in the living room. Thankfully, there are a few signs you can be on the lookout for to identify a potential leak.

Locating the Leak

Damaged Flooring From a Slab Leak

Do You Feel Unexpected Warmth Beneath the Floor? There Could be a Hot Water Leak.

The first step is to confirm the presence of the leak. Make sure none of the appliances inside or outside the house are running. Check the water meter and see if the nob is still spinning. If so, there’s definitely a leak somewhere on the property.

For the next step, grab a partner. While you keep an eye on the meter, have your partner shut off the main water valve. If the meter continues to run, the leak is in your main water line. Should the meter stop, continue onto the next step. Have your partner turn of the hot water line by the water heater. Did the meter stop spinning? Then the leak is located somewhere in your hot water line. If the meter continues to spin, then the leak likely originated somewhere in the cold water line.

There are a few additional symptoms you might detect. Unusual warmth beneath the floor in a certain area can indicate a hot water leak. The sound of running water when no appliances are running is another giveaway. If you suspect that your pipes are leaking beneath the concrete, give our team a call at 404-475-3009. We’ll send our crew with detection equipment and start planning your Marietta, GA slab leak repair.

Slab Leak Repair Options

There are several ways to fix a slab leak, but the ideal one will depend on the location of the damage and ease of access. Below, we break down a few ways to address the problem. Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions!

Downward Approach

Jackhammer and Digging

Also known as spot repair, this is a very direct approach to repairing a water leak under the house. First, professional plumbers utilize special moisture detection equipment. Then the team removes the flooring and jackhammers through to the source of the leak. Done correctly, the repairs can be completed quickly, after which the foundation is repaired and the flooring replaced.

There are a few potential downsides to this approach. One, it generates a lot of dust if done incorrectly. Two, it will likely require your family to stay somewhere else during the duration of the project. There’s also the concern about damaging the slab, but this is not a considerable risk if the work is completed by professionals.


Rerouting the Line

While not necessarily cheaper than a spot repair, rerouting the line can help you avoid taking a jackhammer to the foundation. Instead of repairing the damage to the underground pipes, that branch of the plumbing is capped off and bypassed completely. A new route is formed, around the exterior of the house, in the walls, or in the ceiling.

You’ll want to consult with your plumber whether or not an ideal route is available for a new above ground pipe route. While the new pipe may be considerably more accessible because it’s not underground, you’ll need a quality install to avoid leaks in the walls or ceiling. You may also need a second company to restore the affected areas after the installation. However, you won’t have any damage to your foundation.


Tunneling Underground

If you want to hold on to the underground water line, but you are concerned about going through the foundation, then tunneling could be the ideal options for your home. The process starts by locating the position of the leak. Afterwards, a plumbing team digs a passage beneath the slab to access the damaged piping. This allows your plumbing team to avoid going through the foundation or creating a new route.

There will be some impact on the section of the yard that’s unearthed for the tunnel. However, this process allows your family to stay in the home during repairs (should you desire). You’ll want to consult with your plumber and see if this is a viable option for your slab leak repair.

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