Plumbing Repair

Performing Repairs Under the Sink

A Knowledgeable Plumber Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars and Hours of Fretting. Ask for Your Plumbing Leak Repair!

A plumbing disaster can leave your day in shambles, but our helpful plumbers at Plumbers 4 Real want to turn it around for you! That’s why our crew provides all manner of repair services. All that stands between your plumbing woes and sweet relief is a simple phone call!

Talk with a courteous, knowledgeable professional that will listen to the situation and provide valuable assistance. We’ll arrange a repair appointment that fits with your schedule. Call us today at 404-475-3009 and schedule your Marietta, GA plumbing repair service!

Kitchen Plumbing

Our helpful plumbers are always ready to bring your kitchen back to life with helpful repair services! Whether a bothersome clog has your garbage disposal stopped up, or a ruptured pipe is spilling water out onto the floor, you can count on our team for assistance. Just make sure you don’t wait too long, as plumbing problems have a tendency to worsen over time. You can always contact our team to learn more about our services or arrange your personal plumbing service!

Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Repair

There's a rule of thumb when it comes to repairs: the more you use it, the quicker it wears out. Your sink offers wonderful functionality, and plumbing problems are few and far between. When a leaks suddenly springs beneath the counter, you'll want prompt repair to avoid expensive water damage.

Our trusty plumbers can have your sink up and running in no time! They’ll start with a careful diagnosis of the problem, then prepare a few helpful options for you. Once you give the go ahead, your personal plumbing expert can get to work right away. You’ll appreciate their skill, courtesy, and (of course) their results. Don’t just take our word on the matter! See what other homeowners and businesses have to say about our pros!

Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Speaking of hardworking plumbing appliances, your garbage disposal handles its own fair share of challenges. Our skilled experts at Plumbers 4 Real are certainly happy to offer affordable repair services to restore damaged units, but eventually all disposals require replacement. Modern disposals generally last up to 15 years, but older models may need replacement after just 8 years.

Disposal problems may be few and far between, but that only means homeowners should be cautious in the event of a malfunction. If you’ve been experiencing some difficulties with your garbage disposal, share your concerns with one of our insightful plumbers! They can offer some insights on maintaining your unit, and let you know if it’s time to consider installing a new one.

Bathroom Plumbing

Tightening the Fittings in a Tub Faucet

Need Help Fixing a Faucet or Sink in the Bathroom? Schedule Your Repair Service Today!

The bathroom is always there to offer you sanctuary and a momentary respite from the outside world. That’s why it’s so alarming when a plumbing emergency rears its ugly head here! At Plumbers 4 Real, we’ve provided countless families with timely relief from their bathroom piping, drain, and faucet problems.

The lavatory is also one of the most frequent places for clogs to occur. Blockage can escalate the pressure inside your pipes, eventually causing them to burst. While our clog removal services can address this buildup after the fact, we also offer very effective drain cleaning solutions that prevent clogs from forming in the first place.

Below, you’ll find details about each of affordable bathroom services! If you’ve found yourself in the middle of a crisis, give our team a call at 404-475-3009 and schedule your Marietta, GA plumbing repair visit. You can ask our knowledgeable team any questions you may have about your plumbing system as well!

Shower & Tub

Shower and Bathtub Repair

Are you noticing an irritating leak during your washing time? Loose fittings and pipe connections often lead to irritating leaks in the tub or shower faucet. Even more dangerous are the leaks that you can’t see. Corrosion and simple time degradation can cause your piping behind the walls to leak. This out-of-sight, out-of-mind problem gradually builds up moisture behind the wall, encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. Those are two headaches no homeowner wants to deal with!

Timely maintenance and the occasional shower repair can address these issues before they become a serious strain on your wallet. We encourage homeowners and businesses to schedule inspections once every year or two as a preventative measure. This helps our team locate deteriorating plumbing parts before they create an emergency situation.


Bathroom Faucet Repair

Your kitchen isn’t the only place that needs occasional sink repair! Think of all the oils, toiletries, grooming products, and other substances that have gone down the drain in your bathroom. The faucet itself also handles a lot of strain. Kids and adults alike have a tendency lean on the faucet during use, which eventually leads to leaks onto the countertop. That could be a serious problem if your countertop is made of granite, marble, or another porous stone. 

You can always come to our team at Plumbers 4 Real for prompt sink and faucet repair. We’ll make all the necessary adjustments and/or part replacements to get your sink working properly. You’ll enjoy a leak free vanity space before you know it!


Toilet Repair

Yes, we service toilets too! What sort of plumbers would we be if we didn’t offer repairs for all your toilet problems? The porcelain throne is one of the most crucial parts of your plumbing system, and one of the most delicate. Our trained and licensed plumbers will handle the appliance with the care it deserves. After a detailed examination of the toilet, your personal plumber will repair the damaged parts and make sure it’s ready for immediate use.

Our team also offers setup and inspection services for new installations and remodeling projects. If you have any questions about the rough-in process or installing a new appliance, feel free to chat with one of our friendly experts!

Plumbing Leak Repair

Water Line Repair Demands Experience and Precision. Talk With Our Professionals About the Repair Process.

One of the most important functions of plumbing repair is damage prevention. While a small leak may seem like a minor inconvenience, the resulting water trauma could cost you much more than you bargained for. That’s timely service is so crucial whether it be a simple pipe patch or main water line repair. If your plumbing system suffers a leak in the bathroom, in the backyard, or anywhere else, you can always contact our team for leak repair.

Schedule Your Plumbing Repair Today!

Ready to get started on your plumbing repair in Marietta, GA or a nearby city? Give the Marietta, GA team a call today at 404-475-3009 and schedule your service! You’ll soon see why so many locals (businesses and families alike) rely on our crew for lasting results.


Todd T
Customer called about a leaking sink drain at his 3 compartment sink to which we were able to replumb and correct his drain issue. Job complete no leaks.
Checkin Photo
Todd T
Customer called about a leaking sink drain at his 3 compartment sink to which we were able to replumb and correct his drain issue. Job complete no leaks.
Checkin Photo
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