Hydro Jetting

The Ultimate Result of a Long-Term Clog is a Busted Pipe. That’s Why Drain Cleaning is Crucial!

What on earth is hydro jetting? This pipe cleaning method allows our experienced technicians to provide lasting relief for your clogged sewer line. Drain pipes have a tendency to accumulate sludge on the sides of the pipe, reducing flow speed and generating unwanted pressure. Over time, this pressure can even result in internal pipe damage, leaving you to contend with leaky plumbing.

That’s an ugly situation that no one wants to find themselves in, especially when it involves waste water! At Plumbers 4 Real, we provide helpful drain cleaning services to prevent and eliminate clogs in your plumbing system. While there are multiple ways to rid your pipes of unwanted blockage, drain jetting is by far the most powerful. If you’d like to find out more about Marietta, GA hydro jetting services, our knowledgeable plumbing experts would be happy to offer additional information! Give our team a call today at 404-475-3009.

The Clog Problem

Your sewer system is composed of several segments of drain lines. Each drain connects to a water appliance inside your house, such as your shower or clothes washer. Grey and black waste water flow from these drain lines down into the main sewer drain. If your plumbing is working as intended, the waste flows all the way from your appliances to the city sewer system (or a septic tank).

Unfortunately, a clog may form in any segment of your draining system, which leads to some unpleasant consequences. For one, your pipes may burst and leak water into the yard or under the house. In worst case scenarios, sewage water can flow backwards up into the house. This is why timely drain cleaning is essential.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

A Man is Hydro Jetting a Sewer Line

Hydro Jetting Applies Tremendous Force to Obliterate Clogs and Sludge in Your Sewer Line.

Jetting sewer lines requires professional skill and equipment. At Plumbers 4 Real, we supply affordable service to rid your home of the most stubborn clogs. While the process is similar to snaking, the ultimate results are much more impressive. We’ll break down the similarities and differences between the two solutions further below.

If your home is constantly struggling with clogs and other drain cleaning services have only provided temporary relief, call us. We’ll examine your plumbing system and find the solution that’s right for your sewer line. To learn more about our Marietta, GA hydro jetting services, contact our team at 404-475-3009.


How it Works

Hydro jetting utilizes a special spray technique that blasts away blockage with extremely pressurized water. A small water line and nozzle emits an extremely powerful burst of water to clear away blockage. For a little context of how powerful this force is, a standard pressure washer uses around 1,500 psi (pounds per square inch) for cleaning off siding or stripping a deck. Hydro jetting utilizes 4,000 psi! That’s an incredibly powerful force coming out of this small line in your plumbing, but it doesn’t damage your pipes.


What it Targets

There are all sorts of items that can clog up your drain line. There’s food products like fat and grease that have a tendency to harden inside your pipes. Human waste and miscellaneous grooming products (maybe even the odd child’s toy) can clog the sink and toilet. Hard water mineral content may adhere to the sides of your pipes too.

Would you believe that the most rigid sewer line clogs are caused by tree roots? They like to snuggle up to your sewer line and push against the side, exerting tremendous pressure. After a while, the piping will crack, giving ample opportunity for roots to grow into the pipes and expand.


Results it Provides

The results are outstanding! Hydro jetting not only clears away paper blockage and dirt buildup, it can even tackle the more obstinate clogs. 4000 pounds per square inch is enough pressure to blast away mineral deposits, sludge, and tree roots. The end result is a clear sewer line that’s ready for further use.

An important secondary benefit of hydro jetting sewer lines, is that it wipes away the grime that allowed the clogs to form in the first place. This means that you won’t have to worry about the clog reforming again in the short-term. This is where many other solutions pale in comparison.

The Difference Between Snaking and Jetting

The Inside of a Cleaned Sewer Line

The End Result of Our Hydro Jetting Service is an Unobstructed, Clean Sewer Line. Call Us Today!

Both snaking and jetting involve inserting a tool down into the sewer line to eliminate blockage. So what’s the difference in terms of results? While snaking provides very capable cleaning ability for lighter blockage (paper obstacles and dirt, for example) it often struggles to remove roots and mineral chunks. In some cases, it may even drive stubborn clogs further down the line.

Hydro jetting sewer lines provides much more consistent results. For one, it eliminates any blockage, be it baby diaper or tree root bundle. Second, jetting serves a two-fold function of unclogging and cleaning your sewer line. Your drains are safer from future clogs as a result.

Schedule Your Hydro Jetting Service Today!

If you’ve been dealing with a stubborn clog, talk with one of our courteous plumbers about scheduling hydro jetting in Marietta, GA or a nearby city. Our plumbers provide lasting plumbing repairs and cleaning services for both homeowners and commercial organizations. Call us today at 404-475-3009 to get started on your plumbing solution!

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