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Are you noticing strange odors coming from your water? Maybe it tastes funny or is discolored? While you might have a problem with old pipes or with your sewer lines, it’s possible you could have a backflow issue. This means your city’s water pressure has changed and disrupted flow in main pipes, which could contaminate your water. For expert backflow testing in Marietta, GA, you can always count on the trusted professionals at Plumbers 4 Real. We respond promptly to all service calls. Book testing with us by calling 404-475-3009.

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If your water seems suspect in any way, you want to make sure to get it tested as soon as possible. When backflow occurs it can contaminate your water with anything from pesticides to human waste. So you never want to hesitate getting it tested. You also want qualified plumbers to do the testing. You’ll find those qualified plumbers at Plumbers 4 Real. We are experts with backflow testing in Marietta, GA. We can also repair any backflow preventers you have installed or install one for you if needed. These devices stop water from flowing in reverse and keep contaminants out of your lines. If you are a business owner your system has to be tested yearly for backflow.

Backflow testing is simple and takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. With a backflow test, we can make sure your drinking water and the water you bathe in is free from contaminants that might have been brought in because of a problem in your city’s main lines. We can also rule out any issues in your sewer lines or water lines, and make any necessary repairs. We ensure our tests are accurate and to make certain your health and safety are protected.

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If you think you may have a problem with backflow, you can always trust the experts at Plumbers 4 Real for backflow testing in Marietta, GA. With all our plumbing services, we ensure your plumbing system is working properly. Find out more or set up a service call by phoning 404-475-3009.